Been a few days

So its not all gone to plan in the evenings as such i was out monday and tuesday evenings so had to make do with what i could pick up to each. last night was another pizza again no cheese i highly recommned these very tastey. Monday was a bag of bombay mix.

Today i’ve been good just tucking into some veg and quiona, i had my lemon and wheatgrass along with a banana and blueberry smoothie.

I’m starting to find the ongoing prospect of this diet difficult to maintain. there isn’t alot in the way of quick food unless you want to munch on raw veg. The vegan side i can continue doing i think, There are plenty of vegan options about if you look but not things mentioned in book. I’m lucky in that locally we have a vegan/veggie kitchen called Krulls that serves up amazing stuff and they can be frozen. pasties pies soya sausage rolls etc.

Still only a few more days to go.


2 thoughts on “Been a few days

  1. Interesting reading your blogs Si. Just a few pints though, the diet is low fat, hence no options for vegan pies and pastries etc. The optimum macronutrient ratio is around 80% carbs, 10% fat and 10% protein. You’ll feel really good after a few days on this ratio. How are you feeling energy wise?


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