So a weekend over

I’ve been continually bad all weekend. Today I made a mock pizza which was all vegan and very tasty. I’ve also had about 8 slices of bread and Marmite. Tomorrow however i’ll be returning to the plan as is. I guess i just needed a little blow out.

no stats this week obviously as they will be false (Weight anyway) So i’ll leave that for next weekend when the 21 days is over.

Not alot to report other than i’ve stuck to the ‘vegan’ side of things but thats about it.

Tomorrow i’m going to have a go back at the couch to 5k and see if i can get back into running again.


A bad few hours

So last night was very bad, I ended up having a very very bad night. Chocolate crisps, a pizza. (now the pizza was with no cheese and plenty of veg and the chocolate was dark and milk free. so although it was ‘vegan’ it wasn’t strictly good.

Today again wasn’t great. cereal (natures path mesa sunrise) with almond milk. 2 bananas. and about 8 slices of bread and marmite.

Back to it ish tomorrow and then properly on monday. I’m happy to maintain this but the actual book diet isn’t hitting the buttons at the moment.

Day 11 YAY

So today was a pretty good day. i couldn’t get up so after dropping her off at work i went back to bed and got up at 8.15 feeling much better.

i had my wheatjuice and lemon, this is actually a good mix. i packed out my smoothie and had so much it was actually 2 portions which filled me up all day.

The half and half mash tonight was brilliant i left the skins on the potato and mashed it with coconut cream and it was lovely mixed with some shake in spice.

I’m about to try my vegan nice cream. lesson 1 my blender doesn’t like frozen banana. so make the smoothie blend then freeze!

Day 10 in the books

So first up big news i nearly finished my lunchtime salad! the sauce today was spot on and really helped.

So all in a good ish day, I modified the bluberries into a banana apple and blueberry smoothie. My spaghetti dinner is spot on but i’m pretty sure i’ll not finish it all again.

Anyway i’m now almost half way through, so a few thoughts.

1) i think with the exception of the salads which i still hate i could do this on going with some modifications.

2) i miss cheese! yes you can get vegan cheese, but not its not great.

3) i miss Pizza! and toast. Basically bread based stuff.

4) a little bit of chocolate wouldn’t go a miss. i’m not talking a standard shop bar i’m talking more like a few squares of high % dark chocolate.

5) i’m concerned about the difficulty of eating out should i be anywhere other than home.

I have seen a few things on another blog on here called Vegan bungalow  their site

Also there is another here

I’d love to give some of this a go in the future.

Day 9

So day 8 over and in the books. again not feeling great but slightly better. i tried the buckwheat dinner thing and the portions were enormous i mean i got 2 really large bowls out of what is listed for 1 person! needless to say on top of my bananas i’m stuffed and couldn’t eat the salad (what a shame)

Seriously though its far too much to eat. My pea protein shake wasn’t as bad as i thought it would be. not nice but not truely awful.

Thursday/friday is the halfway point so i can feel willing to keep it up i know i’ve done the bulk of it.

Day 8

So well i have to admit all is not well. Yesterday i really struggled to get up. (today too it is 07:10 on day 9) i ache and feel really run down i’m not sure if i’m coming down with a lurgy but i’m a bit under the weather.

as a result i’m not really hungry so i’m struggling to eat much, yesterday i managed about 1/4 of my smoothie and the thought of the rest made me feel sick so i poured it away. i managed the dates but only over a longer period of time, and the porridge well i managed half a bowl and binned the rest.

I was out last evening hence the late post but yesterday was a pretty rubbish day all around. Day 9 i’m going to do things differently, i’m going to eat the cooked meal in the morning and move the salad to tonight. i’ll see if that helps out with cravings etc. also day 9 i mixed up the wheatgrass juice, i have some left over lemons so had lemon and wheatgrass makes it much nice! wheatgrass on its own is like drinking cold green tea.

Week 1 summary

So i’ve had a chance to reflect on the week.

First up my thoughts on portions. now i can eat, people stare at my portion sizes some times and i have to admit i’m struggling on this, the 5 bananas meal thing i couldn’t finish. in a smoothie fine but eating them was near impossible. Also the evening hearty meals i quite often end up having to split them over 2 days. last night i made the sweet potato soup (withouth squash) and i’ve had 6 bowls from it. SIX! Tonight i cooked the potato wedges and eaten half of them and now i’m stuffed.

sure its all wholesome good stuff but seriously even i can’t eat that much. There is not much chance of going hungry!

Its a good job i like bananas. that’s right i love them and you eat alot of them!

the smoothies are good i’ve sort of got myself in the zone with them now. Also the morning lemon juice is a brilliant wake up. about 10mins after it i’m wide awake and set to go!

The salads. now i’m not great with them. Its still a chore to eat them and they taste awful, however i’ve found some new recipes online for sauces which i’ll try.

Vitamin B12 its recommended to take a b12 supplement i chose to ignore this and turn to an old favourite a tea spoon of marmite a day! raw off the spoon mmmmmmmmmm lovley! i’ll also be taken the supplements when they arrive but marmite is soo much nicer.

Protein, as previously posted, i’ve ordered some Pea protein which i’ll be taking soon.

Cost, now i thought this would be very expensive. and well its not dirt cheap if i was out of work i’m pretty sure i’d not be eating this way. That said its not as much as i thought it would be. I’m buying from a local supermarket and both weeks for my stuff has come in at around £70 now that does seem alot but some things are not cheap, blue berries are about £3 a pot at present which is pretty steep, The orange juice too is about £5 a week alone. The problem for me is i’m doing it alone in a house of two. if i lived alone it would be much better and probably cheaper as i could buy in bulk and freeze etc, i don’t have the space for this and like wise if we were both doing it then we could buy for both of us for not much more than buying for 1.

So yes it is more costly than my usual diet but not massively so, plus if you count the cost of old diet ‘treat’s you know the chocolate, the crisps or that pizza/chinese/burger then over all i’m guess each week it probably isn’t much more expensive it just looks it as you see a big amount at the till in one hit, not 4-5 smaller amounts.

Food miles. if you are conscious of the food miles of what you eat then well look away now or at least you will come the winter. by the time you think of bananas and dates its pretty much time to stop thinking however an ethical choice and fair trade purchases where possible do give back . Compared to say new zealand lamb which is fed plants to make meat then shipped around the world surely we are better off just eating the plants ourselves first? However i do live in the uk, that means if i was worried about food miles come the winter i’d be eating turnips and potatoes.

Week 2. well as i showed earlier i’ve lost 11lb. that is pretty big i must admit, i’m hoping this week is a more reasonable 4lb ish. The food plan looks similar to last week with some tweaks to keep it interesting. i hope my taste buds settle down to the salads. Also i’m going to try to yoga mon wed and friday. i need to get back into things.

day 6 confession and weekend stats


last night we went out to a pink floyd tribute night. it finished at about 11. which isn’t late to normal people however i’m normally in bed before 9.

So the other half who refused to diet sat in the car next to me eating a fat maccy d’s i did steal 2 fries. (just 2 quite long fries) but i refused the bite of the quarter pounder with cheese she waved in my face.

At the gig i drank 2 bottles of water but i confess i did have a bag of sea salt crisps. i resisted the cheese and onion.

Anyway today, i woke up at half 7 and was still pretty tired. i’m guess it was lack of food yesterday.

to the stats.

Weight 321, 22st 13st (yes down 11)

Chest 52 -2

Waist 55 3/4 – 1 1/4

Hips 49 3/4 -1/4

Biceps L 14 6/8 R 15 1/2 (-1/4 and -1/2)

Thighs L 28 R 29 (unchanged)

Calf both 19 (unchanged)

So down 4 1/4 inches and 11lb. the concerns, well lack of protein is up there, and the fact my chest lost more size than my waist is a concern, but we’ll see what happens this week.

Off shopping in a bit for the week 2 foods. will have a good stab tomorrow.

What i miss. well so far what i miss is something crunchy. i don’t mean carrot or veg crunch, i mean proper savoury baked hard crunch like  crisps or pringles etc. Also Toast! i smelt some the other day and that set me off on a cravings kick. i don’t miss milk as well i barely drank any before, i do miss cheese but not that much. It’s now a week and half without coffee, which is good but when the guy who sits next to me at work gets a cup i can really smell it, and it smells good!

I never thought i’d hear myself say this. but i miss Quorn.

now i know i said i expected to lose around 15-17lb over the 3 weeks. despite losing 11 this week i still feel that it isn’t going to be much above 20lb all in. I’d expect to lose 4lb a week this week and next. i’m guessing i’ll finish the 3 weeks at c. 313. which will be good.

Day 6

Well apart from my earlier mentioned sleep today wasn’t too bad, i had a home made banana smoothie, and went out for a few hours with my 500g of mixed grapes and a litre of water. just at home dong the sweet potato soup with other things in it. bit of courgette bit of spice etc some mushrooms.

All in not a bad day, going out to see a show in a bit so will try to be on bottled water. might take some dates with me to avoid the icecream and chocolates

quick update

its gone a bit out of sync so far. food wise its 13:26 and i’ve not eaten yet. just making myself a banana smoothie. i drop the other half at work at 6.20 this morning and was still tired, so i thought a nice extra 2 hours in bed will be good.

Instead of getting up at 9 or just before i got up at half 12. still i guess i must have needed it. Feel much better for it.

I will be eating plan based foods today not exactly as written in the book. but i think i get the general idea.

I’m out this afternoon so taking a litre of filtered water and box of grapes.