Day 10 in the books

So first up big news i nearly finished my lunchtime salad! the sauce today was spot on and really helped.

So all in a good ish day, I modified the bluberries into a banana apple and blueberry smoothie. My spaghetti dinner is spot on but i’m pretty sure i’ll not finish it all again.

Anyway i’m now almost half way through, so a few thoughts.

1) i think with the exception of the salads which i still hate i could do this on going with some modifications.

2) i miss cheese! yes you can get vegan cheese, but not its not great.

3) i miss Pizza! and toast. Basically bread based stuff.

4) a little bit of chocolate wouldn’t go a miss. i’m not talking a standard shop bar i’m talking more like a few squares of high % dark chocolate.

5) i’m concerned about the difficulty of eating out should i be anywhere other than home.

I have seen a few things on another blog on here called Vegan bungalow  their site

Also there is another here

I’d love to give some of this a go in the future.


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