Day 9

So day 8 over and in the books. again not feeling great but slightly better. i tried the buckwheat dinner thing and the portions were enormous i mean i got 2 really large bowls out of what is listed for 1 person! needless to say on top of my bananas i’m stuffed and couldn’t eat the salad (what a shame)

Seriously though its far too much to eat. My pea protein shake wasn’t as bad as i thought it would be. not nice but not truely awful.

Thursday/friday is the halfway point so i can feel willing to keep it up i know i’ve done the bulk of it.


2 thoughts on “Day 9

  1. Hi Simon,
    Thanks for posting your daily experiences and thoughts on following A5D. Isn’t this the beauty – there is too much food!! Y can lose weight eating big satisfying foods. One question – why are you having pea protein – no need for that – eat the salad instead! 🙂
    Keep going, you’re doing great


    1. I’m concerned at 70g a day its not enough for my size. if i was little like you then it would probably be ok. As i’m struggling to eat everything on the plan its also a quick way to up something.


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