quick update

its gone a bit out of sync so far. food wise its 13:26 and i’ve not eaten yet. just making myself a banana smoothie. i drop the other half at work at 6.20 this morning and was still tired, so i thought a nice extra 2 hours in bed will be good.

Instead of getting up at 9 or just before i got up at half 12. still i guess i must have needed it. Feel much better for it.

I will be eating plan based foods today not exactly as written in the book. but i think i get the general idea.

I’m out this afternoon so taking a litre of filtered water and box of grapes.


Protein concerns

Now i’m a little concerned by the protein levels in this. Basically for the normal person of healthy weight then yea sure they seem fine. however i’m not and lugging this lump of a body around is hard work on the muscles. So i’ve purchased some pea protein powder alone with a vit b12 capsule.

This should be here monday, i guess it kinda shows my commitment to seeing out the month.

The powder is here, http://www.bulkpowders.co.uk/shop-by-category/protein-supplements/vegan-protein/super-pea-protein-isolate.html looks pretty good stuff. 30g serving gives 24g protein and only 119cal.

I’ll probably have 2 servings a day either in the smoothies if i have them or alone. this should boost my daily intake by around 50g a day and put me in a happier place.

Still things should be good.

Day 5

Well another day in the books, an interesting day. firstly the bananas and orange juice together was a kinda difficult as i could feel the sugar rush hitting me, interestingly though i didn’t have a crash after it was a gentle come down.

Now as for how i’m feeling a few things. 1 this morning i woke up with enough energy for the first time in ages to fancy doing some yoga, it wasn’t even “i suppose i better do something”. it was more ” i’m up for this lets do some yoga”. I finished and i was still full of energy.

Things are going pretty well all told, one really weird thing i’ve noticed. my teeth feel cleaner. you know at the end of the day or first thing your teeth feel like they have a coating of fuzz. i’m almost always feel like they’ve just been cleaned. I find this surprising and a little odd,

Still tomorrow is the big test. Its really easy during the week to take the right food to work and not cash and then eat it or go hungry, however at the weekend especially living with someone who isn’t on plan and will eat burgers in front of me.

Well i’m hoping that things will go well i’m out tomorrow afternoon and alone all morning.

Hopefully i’ll survive for a big weigh in special on Sunday night!

Day 4

Well its the end of day 4.

I’m just tucking into my spag dish that i should have had last night. good news i remembered the book! so tomorrow should be pretty much as is written.

So where am i at? Well again getting up is pretty easy and i do feel i have more energy. There is no mid afternoon crash when i used to get really tired. At home i get in still feeling physically good but mentally tired comes from the desk job i guess.

All went well today i did the banana shake, lunch was salad (still hate this and can’t finish it) i’m hoping after a week or so my taste buds will allow me to eat the salad in full.

I’ve also noticed i’m not as thirsty, which is odd because its the middle of June. I guess cutting out the fried dry foods reduces your need for water and also the fruit and veg has lots in it too.

All in all its been not a bad few days. i’m rarely hungry only right before eating, i wake up well, i’m not tired during the day over a week without caffeine! and i’m pretty sure the weight loss is starting as all my clothes feel slightly looser, they were all too tight before i started.

I’m looking forwards to Sunday when i’ll post the first week weigh in and stats comparison.

Day 3

So i was stupid and left the book at work with the plan in it….

However i bodged what i could remember from days 1 and 2. All the same foods but not exactly as planned. i did the avocado smoothie which was awesome, lunch was left over bulgur wheat with added cajun mix. now i’m sitting down to some dates and orange juice.

Now today i’m home and forgotten the book again….. It should be a spaghetti veg thing tonight but as i had left overs from last night (i made for 2 and the other half didn’t want any) then i decided to maintain the 1 cooked meal a day.

Tomorrow i’ll do the day 1 smoothie plus the day 2 snacks and the salad.

Now today, i wasn’t actually very hungry as it happens. my guts decided they were going to have hopefully the last protest as at about  11am i felt proper rough. However come 1 i was fine and actually managed to scoff the full left over dinner.

So far things are going mildly to plan. i’m happy not tired, woke up this morning without the alarm.

Day 2

Well all good so far. i mean i’m not dead.

breakfast shake was interesting. i added some agarve syrup and it turned out pretty good. for lunch there was just too much sugar i felt my eyes glazing over with all those dates. its pretty steady come down though no crash. Again caffeine free day, and i managed to wake up pretty well today so the withdrawl is over.

Dinner tonight didn’t turn out to plan, i had to modify the plan. i) the cabbage leaves were awful and went soggy so binned them. ii) i added a truck load of cajun spice. then it was spot on. i’d make that again any day!

Otherwise no real changes the fibre is kicking in but i don’t magically better or improved. Other than waking up easier and sleeping longer (10hrs last night) things are still the same.

Tomorrow is actually going to be a copy of day 1, it shouldn’t be but i forgot the book its at work so i’ll need to remember yesterdays foods and do my best. #FAIL

Day 1 over

So firstly i posted my thoughts on the lemon drink. its currently day 2 first thing and I’ve done my juice for the day and can say that using more water is really beneficial!

Day1. I managed to finish all meals apart from lunch. a bowl of raw salad is not my thing! still i added a home made sauce using mustard powder vinegar and Cajun powder. perhaps next time water is better than vinegar. i managed half of the bowl which is a decent start no doubt I’ll get my taste buds into it after a while.

The fibre meal was actually pretty awesome and 150g of rice really fills you up. the agarve syrup sauce adds a decent sweetness to it, not as strong as sweet and sour, but not as bland as plain food.

The 5 banana and spinach smoothie was interesting. perhaps bananas that were ripe as opposed to nearly ripe would be better.

Overall i never felt hungry apart from just before my rice dinner probably due to only eating half my salad, the smoothie filled me up for about 4 hours.which i had at 8.45 in the car.

without caffeine now for 6 days and my sleep is starting to come back into normal patterns. i’m getting up at 5.40 with relative ease (still a bit of an effort) i’m sure in the winter when its dark out this might be different.

so day 1 nearly all good. Day 2 looks like a better day lunch wise 200g of dates and a banana which i’m well happy about.

dinner tonight is a bulgur wheat wrap using cabbage leaves. should be interesting.

Just a quick one

when doing the lemon juice in warm water. Make sure you have enough water, 200mls is something that would need to be worked up to. 200ml with a whole lemon juiced into it nearly took my face off.

What is the Alkaline 5 diet challenge?

So an old work colleague of mine has recently published a book. Alkaline 5 diet. By Laura Wilson (not to be confused with the novelist) She has run her own web page for a number of years. http://laurawilsononline.com/a5dbook  and http://www.alkaline-diet-health-tips.com/

So wanting to help out i purchased a copy gave and gave it a read. The end part of the book is a 21 day eating guide to try the plan. This is my record of that 21 days.

What is the basis of the diet? well you’ll need to read the book. But i think it fair to say its a fruit and veg based plan. Don’t be put off by the book cover this IS NOT a juicing diet. There are juice meals in the plan but the majority is whole chewable foods not stuff that comes through a straw.

So tomorrow is Day 1 and i’ll give a write up about how it went.

Where i Begin, Well my diet currently is well very poor up until about 18months ago i had gone through a 2 year patch of being very active and eating pretty well, then i got a foot injury and had to stop jogging, i kept eating well but with big portions. I was at the time about 16.5 st which is around 230lb. i wasn’t slim but not a blob either i did my first half marathon in  2:28 in 2013 since then i’ve gained 7st of 100lb currently i’m weighing in at 23st 10lb which is 332lb.

My standard day is getting up at 5.30 to drive my other half to work as she doesn’t drive. then instead of using the time wisely i usually sit infront of the TV or xbox and occasionally i go back to bed for an hour and a half before work. I often intend to do something like yoga but i’m often tired, my foot still hurts alot and well the weight isn’t exactly making it easy to heal. My starting stats will be on the bottom of this post. work from 9-5 at a desk. get home at 5.15 to 5.30 stopping at kfc. then possibly eat chocolate or pringles and bed for 9.

What i expect, well naturally eaint fruit and veg all day with strict adherence to the plan (no pizza no mcmuffins and no kfc on the way home) there will be some obvious changes.

i) lots more fibre! with obvious consequences

ii) Caffeine, now on the plan there is no caffeine, i was a massive coffee addict. so this week in prep i have stopped the caffeine in order to get over the headaches and other come down problems. (not nice!)

iii) Calories. there is plenty of calories in the plan 26 bananas a week per person and lots of dates means plenty of energy. Also the evening meals contain bulgur wheat or rice so its not lacking substance. But being 330lb+ coming off the poor food i’d expect to drop some weight in the 21 days. realistically i’d expect to lose probably 7lb in water and other waste in the first week or so. and then possibly another 8-10lb over the next 2 weeks. (a lighter smaller person would not hit these numbers)

So to recap i’d expect to sit here typing this on the 5th of July at about 315lb. I’d imagine my skin would be better due to less fried food, i’d hope to be getting better sleep due to the lack of caffeine. Other than that i’m not expecting much.

Stats. (inches)

W 332. (23st 10lb)

Chest 54

Waist 57

hips 50

Biceps L 15 R 16 untensed straight arm

thigh L28 r 29 sat down mid thigh

Calf. both 19.

If there is a decent enough change i’ll post the photo comparison