Day 8

So well i have to admit all is not well. Yesterday i really struggled to get up. (today too it is 07:10 on day 9) i ache and feel really run down i’m not sure if i’m coming down with a lurgy but i’m a bit under the weather.

as a result i’m not really hungry so i’m struggling to eat much, yesterday i managed about 1/4 of my smoothie and the thought of the rest made me feel sick so i poured it away. i managed the dates but only over a longer period of time, and the porridge well i managed half a bowl and binned the rest.

I was out last evening hence the late post but yesterday was a pretty rubbish day all around. Day 9 i’m going to do things differently, i’m going to eat the cooked meal in the morning and move the salad to tonight. i’ll see if that helps out with cravings etc. also day 9 i mixed up the wheatgrass juice, i have some left over lemons so had lemon and wheatgrass makes it much nice! wheatgrass on its own is like drinking cold green tea.


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