day 6 confession and weekend stats


last night we went out to a pink floyd tribute night. it finished at about 11. which isn’t late to normal people however i’m normally in bed before 9.

So the other half who refused to diet sat in the car next to me eating a fat maccy d’s i did steal 2 fries. (just 2 quite long fries) but i refused the bite of the quarter pounder with cheese she waved in my face.

At the gig i drank 2 bottles of water but i confess i did have a bag of sea salt crisps. i resisted the cheese and onion.

Anyway today, i woke up at half 7 and was still pretty tired. i’m guess it was lack of food yesterday.

to the stats.

Weight 321, 22st 13st (yes down 11)

Chest 52 -2

Waist 55 3/4 – 1 1/4

Hips 49 3/4 -1/4

Biceps L 14 6/8 R 15 1/2 (-1/4 and -1/2)

Thighs L 28 R 29 (unchanged)

Calf both 19 (unchanged)

So down 4 1/4 inches and 11lb. the concerns, well lack of protein is up there, and the fact my chest lost more size than my waist is a concern, but we’ll see what happens this week.

Off shopping in a bit for the week 2 foods. will have a good stab tomorrow.

What i miss. well so far what i miss is something crunchy. i don’t mean carrot or veg crunch, i mean proper savoury baked hard crunch likeĀ  crisps or pringles etc. Also Toast! i smelt some the other day and that set me off on a cravings kick. i don’t miss milk as well i barely drank any before, i do miss cheese but not that much. It’s now a week and half without coffee, which is good but when the guy who sits next to me at work gets a cup i can really smell it, and it smells good!

I never thought i’d hear myself say this. but i miss Quorn.

now i know i said i expected to lose around 15-17lb over the 3 weeks. despite losing 11 this week i still feel that it isn’t going to be much above 20lb all in. I’d expect to lose 4lb a week this week and next. i’m guessing i’ll finish the 3 weeks at c. 313. which will be good.


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